12 to 19 7/8 Inch (7 7/8" Stroke) 12 Volt Medium Duty 340LB Force Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator

  • VPE Part # 030723m200mm
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Introducing the 12 to 19 7/8 Inch (7 7/8" Stroke) 12 Volt Medium Duty 340LB Force Linear Actuator. This versatile actuator offers a 7 7/8-inch travel and produces a powerful 340lb of force. Designed with durability and efficiency in mind, it is perfect for a wide range of applications where controlled linear motion is required.

This medium duty linear actuator is well-suited for home automation projects, providing the means to automate various systems and components. Whether you want to automate window blinds, adjustable furniture, or hidden compartments, this actuator delivers the necessary force and precision to make it happen. It can seamlessly integrate into your existing setup, enhancing the functionality and convenience of your home.

In the automotive realm, this actuator is a valuable tool for customization and modification projects. It can power features like retractable steps, adjustable seats, or convertible tops, adding a touch of sophistication and practicality to your vehicle. With its sturdy construction and reliable performance, it ensures smooth and precise movements, giving you full control over the customized features.

For those involved in DIY projects, this actuator opens up endless possibilities. Its compact size and powerful force make it ideal for robotics, automation systems, or custom machinery. Whether you're building a prototype, creating a unique invention, or exploring creative applications, this actuator provides the strength and reliability needed to bring your ideas to life.

In industrial settings, this actuator can be employed in manufacturing processes or machinery that require controlled linear movement. From conveyor systems to precision assembly lines, its robust construction and reliable performance ensure consistent and accurate motion, contributing to increased productivity and efficiency.

The approximate time to extend or retract this actuator with no load is around 28 seconds, showcasing its efficiency and responsiveness in automated operations.

With its 12 to 19 7/8 inch range and powerful 340lb force, the 12 Volt Medium Duty 340LB Force Linear Actuator is a reliable and versatile solution for various applications. Whether you're a home automation enthusiast, automotive modifier, DIY enthusiast, or involved in industrial automation, this actuator provides the necessary strength and precision to meet your needs. Its compact size, durable design, and efficient operation make it an excellent choice for achieving controlled linear motion in your projects.

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